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The excellence of special steel

CS METAL EUROPE SRL provides innovative solutions using high-quality materials in order to reach the best performance. We supply different kind of DY Specialty Steel, according the usage and the products the steel is intended for.

DY® is a trade mark that guarantee best quality products, certified according to EN10204.3.1 standards

dy cold

Cold work tool steel

Cold Work Steels are used for stamping, drawing tools and in many other applications.

dy hot

Hot work tool steel

Hot work tool steels guarantee the highest performance in the most demanding phases of aluminium working.

dy plast

Injection Molding steel and frame

Injection Molding Steels are high-performance steel that are able to provide many advantages: pressure resistance, corrosion and wear resistance and high brightness.

dy mec

Special steel for mechanical components

Special steels for mechanical components are suitable for any kind of heat treatment and they are able to provide high level of workability and flexibility.

dy power

Special steel for Engineering

Special steels for Engineering are suitable for engineering application and renewable energy.

dy green

Eco-friendly Stainless steel

Eco-friendly Stainless Steels are used for the production of mechanical parts and for structural application.