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At CS Metal Europe we continue to develop and offer our experience to meet the demands and needs of the global market and to guarantee the full satisfaction of our customers.

Our target customers include the industries of the most varied commodity sectors and our logistics organization allows us to satisfy all types of order and quantities requested.



Our steel is subjected to heat treatment, the process of heating and cooling metals to obtain certain mechanical conditions. An attentive and effective planning of the procedure of heat treatment is the most important activity.



Thanks to a wide range of products, we are able to satisfy our customers’ needs quickly. Upon request, our steel plate and forged bars are subjected to heat treatment, then wrought and certified after several attentive check.

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CS Metal Europe Srl è sempre con i propri clienti e contribuisce a migliorare le performance degli stampi e componenti meccanici grazie al servizio tecnico interno che offre in qualsiasi occasione supporto e formazione direttamente presso il cliente.