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Innovation and progress

We promote innovation and progress in special steels

Our control systems, applied all along the operating chain, and technical support at every stage of the purchasing process are the pillars of a monitoring and development policy aimed at providing certified and qualified services and products.

Our corporate identity is characterized by efficient pre and post-sales technical support operated in close collaboration with customers, ensuring that the supplied product, from the design phase as far as its use, fully satisfies all their needs.

We operate in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and certify materials in compliance with the highest quality standards recognized by the sector and required by the final applications for which our materials are intended.
 In this way, we guarantee the highest operating performance with a reduction in overall production costs and an increase in profit margins.

“At CS Metal Europe, we are focused on care and respect for the environment during all production processes, which for this reason use renewable energy sources.”